Reds rookie Spencer Steer's best position isn't where you think it would be

Spencer Steer is the Reds most versatile defender.
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Spencer Steer
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Spencer Steer / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

Spencer Steer has played five different positions this season. The Cincinnati Reds rookie has seen time at first base, second base, third base, and both corner outfield spots.

Steer came up through the Minnesota Twins farm system as a third baseman, but since joining the Reds organization last summer, Cincinnati has shuffled the 25-year-old all over the field.

Let's be honest, it's Steer's bat, not his glove, that's going to keep him in the Reds lineup for years to come. But statistically speaking, Steer's best position probably isn't where you think it is.

Statistically speaking, Reds rookie Spencer Steer performs best in left field.

You can point to almost any statistic you want, and with the exception of outs above average, the numbers say that Spencer Steer performs best when he plays left field. That's pretty remarkable when you consider that this the first season Steer has ever ventured onto the outfield grass behind third base.

Steer has yet to commit an error in left field and has one outfield on the season. Steer has committed at least one miscue at every other position on the diamond except second base. Steer has committed five errors at both first and third base this season.

Defensive runs saved (DRS) is another popular stat that is used to evaluate a players defensive performance. According to FanGraphs, altogether, Steer has -2 DRS on the season, but 2 DRS while playing left field this season.

When it comes to outs above average (OAA), that's where the stats become a little fuzzy. Steer is worth -16 OAA on the season, and according to Baseball Savant, is the Reds worst defender by that metric. But collectively at first and third base, Steer is worth -12 OAA. The remaining -4 OAA is a combination of his play at second base and left field.

Based on the Cincinnati Reds roster construction and the way David Bell tends to play the in-game matchups, I feel comfortable in saying that Spencer Steer may never have a defined position on this team. That said, Steer's bat will get in the lineup almost every day.