Some notable Reds minor league players elect free agency this offseason

Several players who've played for the Reds organization over the past few seasons won't be back in 2024.
Cincinnati Reds catcher Chuckie Robinson
Cincinnati Reds catcher Chuckie Robinson / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Reds waved goodbye to Joey Votto last week, but the six-time All-Star isn't the only player who won't be returning to the Queen City in 2024.

According to, several notable minor league players elected free agency this past week. Among those who are free to sign elsewhere this winter are catcher Chuckie Robinson, infielder Jason Vosler, and pitcher Ben Lively.

The Reds are able to re-sign any of those minor leaguers who elected free agency, but they'll have to compete with the other 29 teams.

Some notable Reds minor league players elect free agency this offseason

While it's not overly detrimental to lose someone like Ricky Karcher or Eduardo Salazar, these types of players do add necessary depth to a team. And after watching the Reds utilize nearly 40 pitchers this past season, the club may want consider re-signing at least a few of these players.

Catchers Jhonny Pereda and Chuckie Robinson, left-hander Jayvien Sandridge, and right-hander Ben Lively should be high on the list of players the Reds should look to bring back on a minor-league deal heading into spring training.

Other minor league players who elected free agency were pitchers Manuel Cachutt, Danis Correa, Mac Sceroler, and Ryan Nutof. Justin Dunn, Alan Busenitz, Alejo Lopez, and Vladimir Gutierrez elected free agency earlier this offseason.

Cincinnati will soon be adding some young prospects to the 40-man roster in order to protect them from the Rule 5 Draft. Players like Rece Hinds and Jacob Hurtibise are likely to be added in the coming weeks.

But Cincinnati Reds President of Baseball Operations Nick Krall will need to find some more depth on the free agent market as the offseason progresses.