Should David Bell discipline Will Benson for inexcusable mistake?

Will Benson's lack of awareness resulted in a double-play during Friday's game.

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Will Benson
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Will Benson / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Will Benson is likely to appear on SportsCenter's "Not Top 10" (if that's still a thing) after his failure to get to first base following a routine popup during Friday night's game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

In what was a difficult game to put any semblance of offense together, Benson's blunder in the bottom of the seventh inning only made things worse.

While Benson's miscue didn't cost the Reds the game, thanks to a walk-off blast courtesy of Christian Encarnacion-Strand, several fans are wondering if Benson's mistake is enough to warrant discipline from Reds manager David Bell.

Should David Bell discipline Will Benson for unforgivable mistake?

With one out and catcher Tyler Stephenson on first, Benson swung away at a 3-0 pitch and lofted it skyhigh into the infield. A discouraged Benson lumbered slowly down the first base line while Stephenson stayed close to first base.

Blue Jays first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. wisely allowed the routine popup to drop right in front of him, quickly threw the ball to the covering second baseman to get one out, which put Stephenson in a pickle. Toronto eventually tagged Stephenson out while in between first and second base to end the inning.

This inning-ending double-play was solely due to the fact that Will Benson failed to leg out the popup. For those curious why the infield fly rule wasn't in effect, that's because there was only a runner on first base.

So, will Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell discipline his outfielder for Friday's inexcusable gaffe? That remains to be seen. Bell has typically never been one to remove a player from the game due to lack of hustle or awareness, and the same held true on Friday as Benson remained in the game after his mistake.

While Friday's lack of effort from Will Benson is indefensible, it's unlikely we'll hear about any sort of discipline from David Bell. These are typically the type of things that are handled behind closed doors, as Bell has never been one to publicly embaress his players, regardless of the situation.

Benson knows he screwed up, and you can rest assured that the 25-year-old will be busting it down the line from here on out. Should Benson have a lapse in hustle once again this season, then Bell would be more than justified in discipling his young outfielder.