Ranking the Reds top 10 rookie performers from the 2023 season

The Reds rookies were some of the best in baseball during the 2023 season.

Cincinnati Reds rookie Elly De La Cruz
Cincinnati Reds rookie Elly De La Cruz / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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3. Andrew Abbott, Reds rookie pitcher

Andrew Abbott ran out of gas down the stretch, but for the first few months of his major league career, the left-hander was carrying a battered and bruised Cincinnati Reds rotation. Several starters landed on the IL, but Abbott stepped up and was the leader of the Reds rotation for most the year.

Abbott is a throwback player, and Reds fans are going to love him for years to come. There were questions about whether or not Abbott would be a reliever or a starter, but the southpaw let his left arm speak for him.

Abbott's insvi-ball is darn-near un-hittable. The left-hander does a tremendous job of hiding the baseball through his delivery, and even though his velocity is nothing to write home about, Abbott is able to get the job done.

I wouldn't want to be David Bell next spring when the Cincinnati Reds skipper is tasked with laying out his 2024 starting rotation. If Hunter Greene, Graham Ashcraft, Nick Lodolo, Brandon Williamson, Connot Phillips, and Andrew Abbott are all healthy, how do split those six up?

And again, that's not including any potential offseason additions. Furthermore, I wouldn't want to be an opposing team that has to stare down that starting rotation. Sheesh!