Ranking the 5 best hitting shortstops in Cincinnati Reds history

Cincinnati Reds shortstop Barry Larkin
Cincinnati Reds shortstop Barry Larkin / Ron Vesely/GettyImages
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4. Best hitting shortstops in Reds history: Leo Cardenas (1960-1968)

Leo Cardenas spent his first nine seasons in Cincinnati with the Reds. Cardenas made four All-Star appearances during that nine-year span and was one of just five Reds shortstops to ever register 1,000 career hits in a Reds uniform.

Surprisingly, Cardenas ranks fourth all-time among Reds shortstops in home runs, with 72 round trippers during his tenure in Cincinnati. What's surprising is that Cardenas was never really considered a home run hitter, but still found himself rather high on the list.

Cardenas spent most of his at-bats slugging doubles. Cardenas finds himself ranked third among shortstops and 28th all-time in team history with 182 career two-baggers.

Cardenas tallied at least 20 doubles in five different seasons, showing incredible consistency throughout his MLB career. Cardenas even continued this trend of consistency after his time in Cincinnati racking up three straight seasons of 20-plus doubles with the Minnesota Twins.

Leo Cardenas remains one of the best, and most criminally underrated, Cincinnati Reds shortstops in team history. He is often glossed over in favor of some of the flashier, more popular players, but Cardenas was quite good.

Cardenas was consistent and reliable, but most importantly, he was an offensive weapon for the Cincinnati Reds in the 1960s. Cardenas remains one of the Reds best hitting shortstops to this day.