Ranking the 5 best hitting first basemen in Cincinnati Reds history

Cincinnati Reds history
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The Cincinnati Reds are one of the most storied franchises in all of Major League Baseball. As such, the Reds have had plenty of talented first basemen pass through the organization over the past 100-plus seasons.

For the last 16 years, Joey Votto has locked down first base for the Reds. While polarizing at times, Votto been one of the best players of the 21st century. First base is mostly seen as an hit-first position, led by some of the greatest sluggers in baseball history.

But Votto isn't the only great first baseman to ever tie up his cleats while donning a Cincinnati Reds jersey. Who are the top five hitting first baseman in Reds history?

5. Best hitting first baseman in Reds history: Sean Casey (1998-2005)

Sean Casey spent eight seasons as the Cincinnati Reds first baseman at the turn of the 21st century. Casey held down the position with incredible production and consistency.

The left-handed hitter was a three-time All-Star and smacked at least 40 doubles in each of those three seasons. Casey ranks third all-time in doubles for a Reds first baseman with 256 doubles.

The Mayor had a knack for barreling baseballs. And the mighty Casey would not strikeout all that often. In just over 4,000 at bats at first base, Casey went down swinging just over 450 times while reaching on base via the walk 387 times. Casey's plate discipline was next-level.

Sean Casey ranks among the Top 5 first basemen in team history in RBIs, walks, total bases, and extra-base hits. Casey's .305 career batting average as a member of the Reds is a rarity in today's game.

Casey's offensive production helped pace the Reds in the early 2000's, cementing him as one of the best offensive first basemen in team history. The Mayor is still beloved in the Queen City.