With so many infielders, should this Reds prospect change positions again?

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The Cincinnati Reds are no strangers to experimenting with positions for their top prospects. Former No. 2 overall pick Nick Senzel was drafted as an infielder, but was moved to center field before making his major league debut. He has since returned to the infield and has shined.

More recently, the Reds have also tinkered with catcher Tyler Stephenson. The 26-year-old has seen more time at both DH and first base in 2023.

There are other adjustments being made through the minor leagues; most notably at the shortstop position. Considering that four of the team's top prospects, according to MLB Pipeline, are shortstops, that's probably a good idea.

Should the Reds change Noelvi Marte's position again?

Jose Barrero, one of their top prospects from a few years back, is primarily a shortstop as well. But with so many infield prospects on the cusp of the big leagues, even he's been seeing time in the outfield this season.

One of the Reds top infield prospect will more than likely make the switch to third base. Both Noelvi Marte and Elly De La Cruz have seen time at the hot corner in the minors this season. With Matt McLain likely being the first of the young prospects to get the call-up to the majors, odds are good that he will get the first crack at playing shortstop.

While some might argue, Jonathan India seems to have locked up second base for the time being. That leaves Noelvi Marte, likely a year or two behind De La Cruz and McLain, as the team's most likely candidate to switch positions. Marte is way too athletic to slot in the DH role exclusively.

On the scouting scale (20-80) Marte is rated as a 55 grade runner with a 55 grade arm, according to MLB Pipeline.com. Marte is seen as an above-average athlete with the ability to make plays. At just 21 years old, the prospect has all the time in the world to make the adjustment to the outfield, a spot where he would force the Reds to play him everyday.

Noelvi Marte's bat is just too good to leave out of the lineup on a regular basis. The Cincinnati Reds have so many talented infield prospects, and somebody is going to have to make a move to play outfield. That somebody should be Marte, and he would flourish in that role.

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