Reds pitching prospect surprisingly appears on Low-A Daytona Tortugas roster

Cincinnati Reds prospect Lyon Richardson
Cincinnati Reds prospect Lyon Richardson / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Daytona Tortugas, the Low-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds released their 2023 Opening Day roster on Tuesday afternoon.

Among the players who'll begin their season in along the Atlantic Coast in the great state of Florida are Reds prospects Cam Collier, Victor Acosta, and Logan Tanner.

But among those Reds prospects expected to begin their 2023 campaign at Low-A Daytona, was one of Cincinnati's top pitching prospects. Former second-round draft pick Lyon Richardson will begin his season with the Tortugas.

Reds prospects: Lyon Richardson to begin 2023 at Low-A Daytona Tortugas.

This happened a season ago with former first-round pick Austin Hendrick. When the minor league rosters were released, it was surprising to see Hendrick begin the 2022 season in Low-A Daytona.

But this is even more surprising seeing as how Lyon Richardson is part of the Cincinnati Reds 40-man roster. That essentially starts the clock and demands that a player like Richardson is either elevated to the big leagues quickly or you'll lose him once he runs out of minor league options.

Richardson is a bit of a special case, as various injuries, including Tommy John surgery, have robbed virtually any chance the young hurler has had to establish himself. His 2020 campaign was also wiped out due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The most peculiar aspect of Richardson's assignment is the fact that he'd already graduated from Low-A back in 2021. Richardson logged 76 innings at High-A Dayton that season, so one would think that he'd at least debut with the Dragons.

Seeing as how Richardson hasn't been on professional mound since August of 2021, this could be a quick stop in Sunshine State before making his way up to Dayton or even Chattanooga. Richardson appeared in three games for the Cincinnati Reds during Cactus League action this spring. The right-hander walked seven while striking out just four.

Lyon Richardson is entering a key point in his development. While it's not necessary that he make it to The Show in 2023, the front office and coaching staff will want to see him pitch well enough to elevate himself to to different level in the minor leagues.

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