Reds' former 1st-round pick Cam Collier enjoys red-hot surge in August

Reds prospect Cam Collier has taken off during the month of August.
2022 MLB Draft stage
2022 MLB Draft stage / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

As the 2023 minor league season slowly comes to a close, one of the Cincinnati Reds' top prospects is heating up. Cam Collier, the Reds 2022 first-round draft pick, is on fire.

Collier, who's still just 18 years old, struggled to begin his 2023 season. Through the month of July, Collier was hitting just .218 with four home runs and 22 RBI.

But once the calendar flipper to August, the No. 6-ranked prospect in the Reds farm system (according to MLB Pipeline) has gone on an absolute tear.

Reds' former 1st-round pick Cam Collier enjoys red-hot surge in August.

Since August 1st, Cam Collier is 26-for-34 (.351). During those 21 games, Collier has drawn 13 walks while only striking out 17 times. Hitting .351/.462/.514 with a 14.3-percent walk-rate and an 18.7-percent strikeout-rate is definitely bolster your slash line.

Collier's gone from .218/.317/.328 to .246/.350/.368 in less than month. It also has to be said that Collier is doing this against players that are, on average (according to Baseball Reference), more than three years his senior. Are you kidding me?

What really sticks out about Collier's game is his patience at the plate. Other highly-touted prospects like Ariel Almonte (34.5-percent) and Yerlin Confidan (25.4-percent) are striking out at higher rate and walking less often. What Collier is doing at such a young age is pretty phenomenal.

Cam Collier fell to the Cincinnati Reds last summer and was taken with the 17th-overall pick in the 2022 MLB Draft. There's absolutely no hurry on the Reds part to accelerate his path to the major leagues. But if Collier keeps hitting like this, he may leave the Cincinnati brass with no choice.