Other than Elly De La Cruz, who is the Reds' most untouchable player?

Aside from Elly De La Cruz, this Reds starter should also be untouchable at the MLB trade deadline.

Cincinnati Reds shortstop Elly De La Cruz
Cincinnati Reds shortstop Elly De La Cruz / Jeff Dean/GettyImages

As the 2023 MLB trade deadline approaches, the Cincinnati Reds have a short list of players who should be untouchable.

Shortstop Elly De La Cruz is undoubtedly atop the list. Of course there are others as well. Spencer Steer, Matt McLain, Hunter Greene, and even some would argue Christian Encarnacion-Strand should all be off limits at the trade deadline.

With that being said, aside from De La Cruz, there is one Reds player who stands head and shoulders above anyone else on the 40-man roster.

Other than Elly De La Cruz, Andrew Abbott the Reds' most untouchable player?

With both Hunter Greene and Nick Lodolo currently on the injured list, Andrew Abbott as the No. 1 pitcher in the Cincinnati Reds starting rotation. While Graham Ashcraft has seen sharp improvement of late, there's no doubt that Abbott is currently the team's ace.

Abbott has a team-best ERA of 2.10 with 57 strikeouts in 55.2 innings pitched. The lefty went three starts before his first earned run in the majors, and in that fourth games, accounted for 10 punch outs. Abbott has gone six or more innings in seven of his nine starts thus far.

Abbott, taken in the second-round of the 2021 MLB Draft, has made a quick ascension to the major leagues, and it's doubtful that the southpaw is headed back to the minors anytime soon.

Even when Hunter Greene and Nick Lodolo return to the starting rotation, Abbott's performance through his first few months in the big leagues has solidified his spot on the roster.

Sometimes teams can be accused of holding to prospects too tightly and fans get emotionally tied in knots when the idea of trading their favorite player is brought up. But both the Cincinnati Reds front office and fanbase are sure to agree; both Elly De La Cruz and Andrew Abbott are untouchable at this year's trade deadline.

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