Reds newest addition was ejected in 2022 due to umpire's poor sense of humor (video)

Kansas City Royals pitcher Luke Weaver
Kansas City Royals pitcher Luke Weaver / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

In what's become something of a trend in Major League Baseball, the post-National Anthem standoff can sometimes bring a bit of lighthearted fun to the ballpark.

Fans of the Cincinnati Reds will remember the National Anthem standoff between former infielder Alex Blandino and Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Luis Oveido back in 2021. After several minutes of neither player giving in, Oveido finally relented and Blandino won the standoff.

The newest member of the Reds, pitcher Luke Weaver, was involved in a similar standoff last season with his former teammate Robbie Ray. Weaver, however, did not have the same success.

Reds RHP Luke Weaver was ejected in 2022 after National Anthem standoff.

Shortly before the last home game at Kaufmann Stadium in September of 2022, with the Seattle Mariners visiting the Kansas City Royals, Luke Weaver locked eyes with former teammate Robbie Ray, both of whom played for the Arizona Diamondbacks earlier in their career, and the game was on.

Well, not officially, and that was the problem. Weaver and Ray stayed on the field, both with their hats over their hearts after the conclusion of the National Anthem. It's become a bout of playfulness among players to see who, for lack of better words, blinks first.

In this instance, however, neither side really won. As the clock continued to tick, the umpiring crew became agitated and attempted to get both pitchers to return to their respective dugouts. After that failed, home plate umpire Adrian Johnson apparently had enough.

It appeared as though Robbie Ray had won the standoff, but was later revealed that both he and Luke Weaver were actually ejected from the game. This is once again proof that umpires lack a sense of humor.

Weaver, who signed a one-year deal with the Cincinnati Reds, is expected to be in the mix for one of the final two spots in the starting rotation. Luis Cessa, Brandon Williamson, Justin Dunn, and Connor Overton will be part of the conversation as well.

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