Luis Cessa's decision cannot cost this Reds prospect a roster spot

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Luis Cessa
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Luis Cessa / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The World Baseball Classic has seen its fair share of detractors, mainly because of the pre-season injury risk to the participants. Edwin Diaz went down with a season-ending injury during a game for Team Puerto Rico last week.

However, the injury risk is present whether players are playing in an exhibition game for their country while playing in the WBC or for their major league club during spring training.

But when a player makes the choice to play in the WBC instead of fighting for a roster spot in spring training, it's fair to question his decision making. And that's where Cincinnati Reds pitcher Luis Cessa finds himself.

Luis Cessa's decision cannot cost Brandon Williamson a roster spot.

I have no problem with Luis Cessa's decision to represent his country in the World Baseball Classic. I applaud it. But the choices we make come with consequences, and Cessa's choice to play for Team Mexico in the WBC could greatly impact his role on the Cincinnati Reds.

Cessa had planned all offseason to compete for a spot in the Reds rotation. The right-hander spoke about it at the end of last season and was in line to be the team's No. 4 starter before jetting off the WBC after appearing in just two games during spring training.

While Cessa was sitting in the dugout, waiting for his opportunity to pitch in the WBC, Brandon Williamson was putting in work with the big league club. The Reds top pitching prospect has 11 punch outs in 11 innings of work this spring and has been battling teammates Connor Overton and Chase Anderson for the past few weeks.

Luis Cessa returning to the team now reeks of desperation, and I for one hope David Bell does not give him what he seeks. Instead, I'd like to see the Reds manager reward the players who have been competing their butts off in the camp and give the job to the best performer.

That's not to say that Cessa doesn't deserve a spot on the Reds Opening Day roster. Based on the work he put in during the World Baseball Classic and Cincinnati's need for depth in the bullpen, there's certainly a spot for Cessa among the Reds relievers.

With Luke Weaver's injury, the Cincinnati Reds rotation should consist of Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, Graham Ashcraft, and two from the group of Brandon Williamson, Connor Overton, and Chase Anderson. Sorry, Luis Cessa, but you got to go to the back of line.

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