Likeliest trade destination for Reds shortstop Kevin Newman

The Reds are not reportedly shopping Kevin Newman, but he could be the trade target of several teams later this month.

Cincinnati Reds shortstop Kevin Newman
Cincinnati Reds shortstop Kevin Newman / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Kevin Newman has been at the center of speculation among the Cincinnati Reds fanbase as a possible trade chip for a shortstop-needy contender. The trade deadline is not less than a month away, and after the All-Star break, the trade rumors are no doubt going to heat up.

However, each time Newman's playing time wanes and there is a discussion among Reds fans about trading the shortstop, he seems to produce at a high level and causes the rumor mill to slow down quite a bit.

At a certain point, however, the Reds could conceivable receive more value from Newman in a trade than what he's offering by being part of Cincinnati's roster. So if the Cincinnati Reds are so inclined, where might Newman land before the August 1st trade deadline?

Likeliest trade destination for Reds shortstop Kevin Newman.

While Kevin Newman's primary position is shortstop, the additions of Elly De La Cruz and Matt McLain have forced the 29-year-old to play other positions, including first base. Outside of at-bats against left-handed pitchers, Newman barely sees the field anymore.

While a lot of contending teams may have a spot for Newman, the Los Angeles Angels may need the shortstop's services more than anybody.

The Angels have seen Gio Urshela suffer what's likely to be a season-ending injury. The Halos' shortstop, Zach Neto, has remained sidelined with an oblique injury for the last few weeks. And just recently, infielder and former Reds slugger Brandon Drury was placed on the IL with a shoulder injury.

The injury bug has bitten the Angels hard, and they're best chance to remain in contention in the AL West may be to swing a trade for a major league infielder like Kevin Newman. If the playoffs began today, LA would miss out on a chance to get Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout to the postseason.

There are very few players on the Cincinnati Reds 40-man roster that many fans would consider expendable, but Kevin Newman is probably near the top of the list. While more teams may begin to inquire about Newman's availablity in the coming weeks, the Los Angeles Angels may want to execute a trade right now.

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