Who are the last 5 Reds players with 100 RBI in a single season?

Some may view it as an antiquated stat, but RBI still matter.
Cincinnati Reds sluggers Joey Votto and Nick Castellanos
Cincinnati Reds sluggers Joey Votto and Nick Castellanos / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages
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Runs batted in are not as popular as they used to. Fans are more enamored with exit velocity, launch angle, wins above replacement, and other interesting new metrics used to determine a player's value and performance.

Now, I'm not against the use of analytics, but sometimes it's nice to just go back to basics. After all, the whole object of the game is outscore the opponent right? Well, you can't do that unless you have some players in the lineup to drive in those runs.

So, while RBI may be rather antiquated, it's also useful. Who are the last five Cincinnati Reds players to record 100 RBI in a single season? Note: Some players listed may have multiple 100 RBI-seasons but are only listed once.

1. Reds outfielder Nick Castellanos recorded 100 RBI in 2021.

Many fans forget that it merely two seasons ago when Nick Castellanos was suiting up for the Cincinnati Reds. It was a fortunate set of circumstances that led to Castellanos signing with the Reds prior to the 2020 season.

After a subpar campaign during the pandemic-shortened 2020 season, Castellanos decided to waive his right to opt out of the contract he signed in 2020 and rejoined his Reds teammates for the 2021 season.

That decision paid off rather handsomely for the slugger as Castellanos led the Cincinnati Reds is RBI that season. Castellanos posted 100 RBI while hitting .309/.362/,576 with 34 home runs. Castellanos was named a starter for the National League in the All-Star Game and took home his first Silver Slugger Award.

Nick Castellanos used that 2021 performance to secure a tremendous contract during the following offseason with the Philadelphia Phillies. Castellanos inked a five-year/$100-million contract and after an underwhelming performance in 2022, the 31-year-old returned to All-Star status in 2023.