Joey Votto wants to play one more season, even if it's not for the Reds

Joey Votto is not ready to hang up his cleats just yet.

Cincinnati Reds infielder Joey Votto
Cincinnati Reds infielder Joey Votto / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Joey Votto stood on the field at Great American Ball Park almost two weeks, tipped his cap to the Cincinnati faithful, and thanked the Reds fans for their support over his 17-year career.

But it would seem as though Votto isn't ready to call it quits just yet. Paul Pabst of the Dan Patick Show posted on social media that Votto added that he wants to play for the Reds, but he would consider playing elsewhere if they want to move on.

This is quite the development, and it would appear as though the ball is now in the Cincinnati Reds court. While Votto may want to play one more, will that be in Cincinnati?

Joey Votto wants to play one more season, even if it's not for the Reds

The last image that Cincinnati Reds fans have of Joey Votto is him being ejected in Game 162 of the 2023 season after arguing with an umpire from the dugout following a questionable at-bat during the previous inning.

It would seem as though that's now how Votto wants his career to end. Though that may well be the way his career ends with the Reds. Cincinnati holds a $20-million team-option, which they will surely forgo, for the 2024 season. That option contains a $7-million buyout.

As we've opined for weeks now, the first piece of the puzzle is whether or not Votto wants to play in 2024. Now that we have our answer, the next question becomes whether or not the Reds want him on next year's team.

That may all depend on whether or not Votto can accept a lesser role. At 40 years old, there's no way the Cincinnati Reds can trot Votto onto the field as the team's everyday first baseman - especially with Spencer Steer and Christian Encarnacion-Strand on the roster.

Reds fans, stay tuned. The offseason will, no doubt, be filled with a lot of interesting ups and downs and the Cincinnati Reds appear to be on the verge of competing for the National League Central in 2024. But will Votto be part of the equation?