Reds pitcher Hunter Greene threatens burglars with terrifying wild animals

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Hunter Greene
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Hunter Greene / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Who needs a ADT when you have wild animals roaming around outside your house? It would appear as though Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Hunter Greene has an updated, and hungry, securtiy system outside his home.

Greene recently bought a house. His teammates, Graham Ashcraft and Nick Lodolo spoke about Greene's purchase during an episode of the Jim Day Podcast.

Greene's home is out in Arizona, and as many folks who live out there might know, it's not uncommon for some of the native wildlife to pay you a visit. Of course, most people who live out there are probably concerned about rattlesnakes, not mountain lions.

Reds Hunter Greene threatens burglars with terrifying wild animals.

The Cincinnati Reds right-hander took to social media on Thursday with a message for any potential burglars who may want to visit his home while he's away.

Greene posted a message that read, "If anyone is thinking about burglarizing my home while I'm on the road, good luck. Just be sure to let my security staff know you're on your way so we can put the animals away. Don't need any misunderstandings."

Below were four pictures, likley from Greene's security cameras, of several wild animals roaming about on his property. It appeared to be a pair of mountain lions. Depending on where you live throughout the United States, you may refer to them as cougars, panthers, catamounts, painters, or pumas.

Regardless of what you call, they're certainly intimidating. It's probably safe to assume that when Greene returns to his humble abode that he'll be on spending his evenings inside and not on the back porch.

The Cincinnati Reds begin a road trip out west this week with visits to the Oakland Atheltics and the San Diego Padres. Hunter Greene is slated to pitch on Saturday afternoon against the A's.

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