How many relievers have the Reds used in 2023?

The Cincinnat Reds relief corps has been used early and often this season.

Cincinnati Reds reliever Alexis Diaz
Cincinnati Reds reliever Alexis Diaz / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The 2023 season will arguably go down as the first year in quite some time that the Cincinnati Reds are getting back into the swing of things. After a very rough few years, the Reds seem to have hit their stride, and this starts with the young talent and a new, and improved bullpen.

In 2022, the Reds bullpen was just about at the bottom in just about every statistical ranking, even being the highest in walks on the year with 296.

However, this year's Reds bullpen has seen a big improvement. Several players have made their major league debut, while Cincinnati has also run through several veteran relievers. How many relief pitchers have the Reds used in 2023?

How many relievers have the Reds used so far in 2023?

The Reds have used a total of 26 relievers so far in 2023. Ian Gibaut has appeared in the most games so far this year, with 54. Gibaut has tallied a team-best record of 8-2 and a solid 3.20 ERA. Despite his very good play, Gibaut is not the bullpen's strikeout leader.

That honor goes to Alexis Diaz, who is one of the best closers in the game today. Diaz has 33 of the team's 42 saves this season. The Reds are currently tied with the San Francisco Giants for the most saves on the season, but there's still a lot of baseball yet to be played.

One of the most underrated bullpen pieces for the Reds this year comes in Alex Young. In his 51 games played, Young has a 2.74 ERA and 40 strikeouts. His WHIP is 1.36 which is very good. Aside from Diaz, Young might be the Reds best reliever.

Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad. Buck Farmer has had a rough season. In 53 games played, and an ERA of 4.09, Farmer has not been reliable this year, and some may even say he's underperformed compared to last season.

Last season, in 44 games, Farmer maintained an ERA of 3.83 and only gave up two home runs. He is up in almost every category, including runs, earned runs, hits, home runs, and ERA. Farmer is a bit of a wildcard on the mound, giving up at least one run in his last three games.

Overall, the Reds' bullpen is in a much better spot, due to a lot of pitchers exceeding expectations, than it was at this point last year. With 26 pitchers used already and more on the way, the Cincinnati Reds have gone to their bullpen quite a lot.

Could this have something to do with a lack of productivity from the starters? Probably. Regardless, it's fun to see a turnaround from last season.