How many Reds players will record double-digit stolen bases in 2023?

The Cincinnati Reds are one of the best teams on the base paths this season.
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Will Benson
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Will Benson / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Whether it's the bigger bases, the limited number of throws over to an occupied base, or just a focus by scouts on drafting and developing speed in the minor leagues, Major League Baseball has seen an uptick in stolen bases this season.

In the year of the stolen base surge, the Cincinnati Reds have been young, wild, and free on the base paths. The Reds have a league leading 119 stolen bases and have already doubled their 2022 total of 58.

The Reds average 1.16 steals per game and show no intentions on slowing down. With two months remaining, how many Reds players will record double-digit stolen bases in 2023?

How many Reds players will record double-digit stolen bases in 2023?

According to Baseball-Reference, the Reds already have five players with double-digit steals. Outfielder Jake Fraley and shortstop Elly De La Cruz are leading the team with 17 steals apiece.

Nipping at their heels are outfielder TJ Friedl with 16, second baseman Jonathan India at 12, and outfielder Will Benson with 10.

On the outside looking in are several players who are close to reaching double-digit swipes as well. Spencer Steer has stolen nine bags so far this season, followed by Matt McLain with eight steals, and utility infielder Kevin Newman has seven stolen base.

Though currently at Triple-A Louisville, outfielder Stuart Fairchild had nine steals of his own before being sent down. If he gets back to the big leagues before the end the season, Fairchild is just one swipe away from double-digit steals on the year.

The Reds could end up with at least eight different players who reach double-digit stolen bases this season. This young team has been elite on the base paths, which has helped to place them eighth in league with 503 runs scored.

The Cincinnati Reds have been fast and furious this season and are the stolen base leaders the first time since 2015.

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