The Reds were the last team to participate in this unique event that will never happen again

There's only been three instances of this event in MLB history, and the Cincinnati Reds were the last ones to do it.

Opening Day at Crosley Field.
Opening Day at Crosley Field. / The Enquirer/Herb Heise

The Major League Baseball season normally sees all 30 teams play 162 games per season. With rain postponements and other unfortunate occurrences, there are oftentimes games that become delayed and moved to dates.

Because of these circumstances, some teams have to battle through doubleheaders. Typically a team receives a 27th man for the occasion, but teams are still physically exhausted playing 18 innings or more over the course of an afternoon and evening.

Believe it or not, three times in major league history, teams have suited up to play three games in one day. The Cincinnati Reds were one of the last teams to the rare and now-forbidden tripleheader.

Reds history: Cincinnati was the most recent team to participate in a tripleheader.

The Cincinnati Reds, over 100 years ago, played a tripleheader against their longtime rival, the Pittsburgh Pirates. On October 2, 1920, the Redlegs and the Buccos geared up for three games in one day.

According to, bad weather kept Cincinnati and Pittsburgh off the field on September 30th and October 1st, so the decision (at the behest of Pittsburgh Pirates owner Barney Dreyfuss) was made for the two clubs to play three games on October 2nd.

The Reds won Games 1 and 2, and Game 3 was called after six innings on account of darkness with the Pirates ahead 6-0. The Reds outscored the Pirates 20-13, and used only three pitchers in the process with Ray Fisher, Lynn Brenton, and Buddy Napier going the distance in each contest.

According to Baseball Almanac, tripleheaders are now prohibited by the collective bargaining agreement, with the long exception being the conclusion of a game followed by a doubleheader.

The Cincinnati Reds are scheduled to have a doubleheader against the Chicago Cubs on September 1st in order to make up the postponement of April 5th home game. So far, that's the only Reds game that has been postponed this season.

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