How many perfect games have been thrown in Reds history?

Cincinnati Reds v San Francisco Giants
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The perfect game is a feat few pitchers have ever accomplished. So much so, only 23 times in the history of baseball has it ever happened. In today’s game, given how cautious managers become once a player reaches 100 pitches thrown, that feat might be even harder. 

The Cincinnati Reds are a long-standing franchise. Dating back to the inception of the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1869, the Reds have been dubbed as the oldest franchise in baseball history. 

A team that has been around for that long, one would think they'd have seen their fair amount of records. So just how many perfect games have Reds pitchers thrown?

The Lone Perfect Game in Reds History:

To revisit the last time a Cincinnati Reds pitcher twirled a perfect game, you'd have to go back to September 16, 1988. In fact, that’s the only date you will find attached to a Reds player pitching a perfect game. 

On that day, Tom Browning started for the Reds at Riverfront Stadium against the visiting Los Angeles Dodgers. Those who stayed in attendance after a 2-and-a-half-hour rain delay, would witness history. 

Twenty-seven batters faced and 101 pitches later, Tom Browning, who would hence be known as Mr. Perfect, would throw the only perfect game in Cincinnati Reds history. 

A few have been close to accomplishing one of the hardest achievements in sports. In total, the Reds have had 17 no-hitters during their franchise history, but Browning's is the only perfect game in team history.

In today's day and age, it’s hard to know if we will see many more perfect games. With the way analytics play into the game, even complete games by a starting pitcher happen less and less. 

The Cincinnati Reds have a long list of top-level pitchers (Johny Cueto, Luis Castillo, Jose Rijo, and Bucky Walters just to name a few) who have pitched for the team over the year. To have just one perfect game un franchise history may be a bit of a surprise. 

However, with the new young talented pitchers like Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, and Graham Ashcraft, and even some who have not made their debuts in the big leagues, it isn’t impossible to think the Reds could add another perfect game to their resume. 

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