Reds fans have to love Cubs’ moves that are driving Cody Bellinger away

The Cubs signed two players to minor-league deals, but still haven't signed their top target.

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder David Peralta
Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder David Peralta / G Fiume/GettyImages

Cody Bellinger is coming back to Chicago. Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Cubs fans. In the meantime, the Cincinnati Reds fanbase will continue to live in reality knowing that their only real competition within the NL Central Division in 2024 will be the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Chicago Cubs made two provisional signings after agreeing to terms with both Dom Smith and David Peralta. Curiously, both players are left-handed hitters. One plays first base (Smith) while the other plays the outfield (Peralta).

It's not hyperbole to suggest that the Cubs and Bellinger are still far apart in terms of a new contract. Furthermore, the fact that the North Siders agreed to sign a pair of veterans to minor-league deals could signal that Bellinger is no longer on the Cubs' radar.

Reds fans have to love Cubs’ moves that are driving Cody Bellinger away

Throughout the entire offseason, all fans have heard is how inevitable a reunion was between Cody Bellinger and the Chicago Cubs. What was once thought to be inevitable now appears to be uncertain. In fact, Cubs owner Tom Ricketts said that the team is waiting on Bellinger and his agent, Scott Boras. Ricketts said the two sides have not even begun negotiations.

Another club, and there are some out there, could decide to swoop in an snag Bellinger away from the Cubs' grasp. If that were to occur, it would turn what's already been a mediocre offseason in Wrigleyville, to an utter disaster. The Cubs' offseason hinges on whether or not Bellinger re-signs.

The San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees were potential landing spots for Bellinger earlier this offseason, but both teams have since added enough pieces to their roster that the former MVP is no longer needed. The Cubs are the best fit, but there would seem to a discrepancy between what Bellinger wants and what the Cubs believe he's worth.

The Cincinnati Reds, and their fans, will happily wait out the stalemate the has Cubs' fans panicking ahead of the 2024 season. The Reds fanbase is excited about what Elly De La Cruz, Christian Encarnacion-Strand, and others will be bring to the Queen City in 2024. The Chicago faithful have pinned their hopes on Bellinger returning, but for now will have to be content with Dom Smith and David Peralta.