Reds fans will be furious with’s most excited fan bases for 2024

You've got to be kidding!

Fans cheer after a play made by Cincinnati Reds
Fans cheer after a play made by Cincinnati Reds / Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

It's become comical at this point, hasn't it? One would think that after going from 62 wins in 2022 to 82 wins in 2023 while also having some of best young talent in the game that the national media would finally wake up and realize that the Cincinnati Reds are going to be a force in 2024.

But alas, the disrespect continues. The latest outlet to take their thoughts and release them on the world wide web is who believes that the NL Central fanbase who should be most excited for the upcoming season reside on the North Side of Chicago.

That's right, according to, the Chicago Cubs' fanbase should be the most excited for the 2024 season. Um, why?

Reds fans will be furious with’s most excited fan bases for 2024

Unless the Reds were able to grab Joey Votto off the unemployment line to be the manager in 2024, it's doubtful that anyone in the Queen City would care who's looking at the iPad in the dugout. But that's the basis for's argument.

Yes, the Cubs stole Craig Counsell away from the Milwaukee Brewers this offseason and made him the highest-paid manager in baseball despite the fact he's got just one playoff series under his belt in six tries. Congratulations, Cubs fans, you've succeeded in overpaying the most overrated position in the game. Yes, a good manager is an asset, but they're not running the bases, swinging the bat, or throwing a pitch. Good players make managers look a whole lot better than they really are.

But other than adding Counsell, what have the Cubs done this offseason that should have their fans ready to fly the W? Was it the fact that Shohei Ohtani turned them down and went to LA? Perhaps the fact that Cody Bellinger, who already played there last season, re-signed on what amounts to a one-year deal? Or is the fact that Chicago lost their No. 2 starter to the New York Yankees?

But don't worry, the Cubs signed Shōta Imanaga, who's never thrown a pitch in the major leagues, to take Marcus Stroman's spot in the rotation. And that giant hole at third base is reserved for Christopher Morel, the career outfielder who's supposed to take over at the hot corner because Nick Madrigal owned a 79 OPS+ last season.

The Reds have the most improved roster in the NL Central

The lack of focus paid to the Reds and their fanbase is astounding. Cincinnati brought on about a dozen rookies, all of whom had varying levels of success in the majors last season. The front office shored up every area of the team while spending over $100 million in free agency. And the NL Central is arugably the most winnable division in the majors this year.

It's just nonsensical to pretend that the fans in Chicago have more to cheer about heading into the 2024 season that Reds Country. But, as was the case last season, Reds fans can just these media outlets overlook Cincinnati and eventually everyone will see that there's something special about to happen in Cincy in 2024. At least FOX Sports' Ben Verlander has your back, Reds fans.

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