Does Buddy Bell's resignation affect David Bell's future with the Reds?

Will David Bell be back with the Cincinnati Reds next season?

Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell
Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Reds are having more success this season than fans have seen in years. Young prospects like Elly De La Cruz and Matt McLain have the fanbase excited again, and the organization looks to be in good hands over the long haul as well.

But one person that often gets overlooked is Reds manager David Bell. Sure, like every major league manager, Bell makes his fair share of questionable decisions. But overall Bell has done a good job this season taking a team that lost 100 games a year ago and turning them into a contender.

An interesting development, however, raises questions about Bell's future with the team. According to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, David's father Buddy Bell, who was a senior advisor for the Reds, resigned a few weeks ago. How might this impact the Reds skipper going forward?

How Buddy Bell's resignation affects David Bell's future with the Reds.

David Bell is under contract through the remainder of the 2023, and the last word from Cincinnati Reds' management was that contract extension talks would be tabled for the time being.

That's not a bad decision. While Bell has seen his team have unexpected success this season, how will the club respond over the final two months? Will they falter or will they remain in playoff contention?

The players love David Bell. A 12-year veteran of the major leagues, it's fair to call Bell a "player's manager". Bell sticks up for his guys, and they know that he has their back. He's also not afraid to get tossed while defending his players. Bell has been ejected 25 times since taking the head job in Cincinnati.

While most of the Cincinnati faithful know that family ties run deep within the Reds' organization, this seems like much ado about nothing. At the end of the day, if Bell leads this team to the postseason, or even a winning record, his chances of returning in 2024 have to be pretty good.

While some may question why Buddy Bell resigned during the middle of the season, we have no real way of knowing and everything is pure speculation. If Cincinnati performs well down the stretch, expect to see David Bell back in the Reds dugout next season. If not, there may be some extended conversations this fall.

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