Comparing the Reds 2023 payroll to the high-spending Yankees

Cincinnati Reds owner Bob Castellini watching live batting practice
Cincinnati Reds owner Bob Castellini watching live batting practice / Sam Greene / USA TODAY NETWORK

The New York Yankees have arrived in town to take on the Cincinnati Reds for a weekend series. The buzz around town should be turned up a notch with recently called-up prospect Matt McLain set to make his home debut. 

On top of that, the Yankees are a team that draws a crowd. One of baseball’s top teams for years, along with one of the game’s best players, Great American Ball Park could see a higher number of fans this weekend than it’s seen all year. 

With the Bronx Bombers in town, it’s interesting to look at the payroll differences between Brian Cashman's club and Nick Krall's Cincinnati Reds. The two teams couldn’t be further apart when it comes to money. But just how much are we talking?

Comparing the Yankees and Reds payroll side-by-side.

“Your goal shouldn’t be to buy players, it should be to buy runs.” Everyone remembers Moneyball, right? The New York Yankees seem to buy whoever they want, whenever they want. Although the Yankees and Reds both share the same amount of World Series titles over the last decade, zero, the Yankees aren’t afraid to spend money to get themselves closer. 

As we sit right now, per, the Yankees active payroll stands at just under $165-million. The Reds, in that same category, total in at $33-million.

New York’s current Injured List payroll, $112.5-million, is more than tripled the Reds active money for 2023. Looking at the two sides next to each other for total money on the books this season, it’s staggering how two teams in the same line of business could be so far apart. 

Cincinnati Reds 2023 Payroll

New York Yankees 2023 Payroll



Adding together the annual salary of the Yankees three highest paid players (Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole, and Giancarlo Stanton) combined is slightly higher than the Reds total money owed of $90.5-million.

The Yankees highest-paid player is Aaron Judge at $40-million. The highest-paid member of the Cincinnati Reds this season is Joey Votto, currently on the IL, who'll be paid $25-million this season. Don't forget that the Reds total payroll for this season includes Mike Mousatkas' $22-million salary as well.

The Reds will never be at the same level as the Yankees financially. In fact, they'll never be close. The market size in New York dominates Cincinnati, and the fanbase nationwide is much larger.

The Cincinnati Reds, however, don’t have to be the New York Yankees when it comes to the checkbook. Regardless, it’s fun, yet sickening to see just how far apart the two actually are in terms of spending. 

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