Inconsistency has reared its ugly head once again for Reds outfielder Aristides Aquino

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Aristides Aquino.
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Aristides Aquino. / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Aristides Aquino has proven one thing during his time with the Cincinnati Reds; he's able to ride a hot streak. Of course, with that comes the ability to be mired in a slump as well.

That's where Aquino finds himself at the moment. A 15-game streak from August 31st through September 16th saw The Punisher slash .365/.411/.769 with 11 extra-base hits including five home runs.

But recently, Aquino has regressed. The slugger was out of the Reds lineup on Thursday night versus the Milwaukee Brewers after going 0-for-19 over the last five games. It appears to be the same ole song and dance for the Reds' outfielder and may end his time with the Cincinnati Reds this winter.

Inconsistency may be the cause of Aristides Aquino's demise with the Reds.

The inconsistency in Aristides Aquino's game have been well-documented. In August of 2019, The Punisher lived up to his nickname after clobbering 14 home runs and racking up 33 RBIs while slashing .320/.391/.767.

Aquino earned NL Player of the Month honors in August, but September brought its fair share of struggles. During the final 27 games of the 2019 season, Aquino hit just .196/.236/.382. That's a drop in OPS of 539 points. Wow!

Watching Aristides Aquino can feel a lot like watching The Godfather: Part 3, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." Every time Aquino smashes a 440-foot bomb to left field, Reds Country wants to believe so badly that The Punisher is back. But then Aquino will strikeout three time in one game and make the Cincinnati faithful shake their heads in disbelief.

Aristides Aquino may yet be the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day starter in right field next season. According to Fielding Bible, the 28-year-old leads all of baseball with 22 defensive runs saved. Aquino also leads all National League outfielders with 12 outfield assists. His defense is top-notch, but Aquino's lack of production at the dish may be his undoing.

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