All-time best Reds starting lineup based on WAR

Cincinnati Reds shortstop Barry Larkin
Cincinnati Reds shortstop Barry Larkin / Ron Vesely/GettyImages
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8. All-time best Reds starting lineup: Vada Pinson, CF

Perhaps the most under-rated player in Cincinnati Reds history, Vada Pinson deserves a spot among the all-time best starting lineup in team history. Pinson ranks eighth-best in Reds history with 47.7 bWAR, which is actually higher than Hall of Famer Tony Perez.

Much like Perez, Pinson received a Top 3 finish in the NL MVP vote back in 1961. That year, Pinson led the league in hits while slashing .343/.379/.504 and racking up 58 extra-base hits.

During Pinson's 18 years in the majors, he led the league more than once in hits, doubles, and triples. Pinson also played above-average defense and took home one Gold Glove Award, though he probably should have won more.

Pinson was an iron man, and excluding his rookie season in which he played in just 27 games, the outfielder never once played fewer than 100 games. In fact, in 14 of his 18 seasons, Pinson played more than 130 games.

Vada Pinson is one of the most under-appreciated players in the history of the Cincinnati Reds franchise. His No. 28, much like 10 other numbers, should be hanging above the playing surface at Great American Ball Park. It's time to give Pinson his just due, and a spot among the all-time greats in Reds history is certainly warranted.