5 Reds players who won't survive the MLB trade deadline

The MLB trade deadline is almost here. Which Reds players won't be around after August 1st?

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3. Reds prospect Yerlin Confidan will not survive the MLB trade deadline.

If the Cincinnati Reds truly intend to pick up some pitching at this year's deadline, it's going to cost them. And while a number of fans want to dream about just parting ways with Nick Senzel or Kevin Newman, those aren't the type of players that bring back a solid return.

A promising young outfield prospect, however, could get the job done. Many Reds fans probably haven't heard about Yerlin Confidan, but the 20-year-old is very highly thought of within the organization.

That said, the Reds will have a decision to make this winter. After signing with the Reds as teenager, Confidan will need to be added to the team's 40-man roster in order to protect him from the Rule 5 Draft this December.

Confidan has yet to develop into the player that Reds scouts assumed he would, and is still at Low-A Daytona. The raw tools are there and Confidan has plus, plus-power. But there's a hole in his swing, and the budding prospect could end up following the same path of Aristides Aquino and Jose Barrero.

It's a bit risky on the Reds behalf to trade such a young talent like Yerlin Confidan, but that's the type of sacrifice that the Cincinnati Reds will have to make in order to add a decent starting pitcher or controllable reliever at the MLB trade deadline.