5 pitchers the Reds could target in the final hours of the MLB trade deadline

There's a little over 24 hours left until the MLB trade deadline passes.

Detroit Tigers pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez
Detroit Tigers pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez / Duane Burleson/GettyImages
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4. The Reds could target Pirates pitcher Rich Hill before the MLB trade deadline.

If you're looking for the most likely trade deadline addition, look no further than Rich Hill. Yes, this would be another trade within the division, but after swapping Kevin Newman for Dauri Moreta during the offseason, we know that Nick Krall and Ben Cherrington are at least on speaking terms.

Hill makes a ton of sense for the Reds. At 43 years old, it's not going to cost much in terms of prospect capital. Hill is 7-10 on the year with a 4.76 ERA and would be the perfect pitcher to take over as the team's No. 5 starter.

With so many left-handers on the Reds roster, who better to learn from than the veteran of 19 big league seasons. The southpaw throws five different pitchers and would be a tremendous mentor for the young Reds pitching staff.

Nothing on Rich Hill's Baseball Savant page is going to make you salivate. He relyng more on location and deception at this stage of his career. But HIll is no slouch either. The veteran would have the capability to give David Bell five-plus innings every fifth day and allow Cincinnati to move Luke Weaver into the bullpen.

This is the type of deal in which the Reds could sacrifice little more than a low-tier prospect like Tyler Callihan or Jose Torres in order to get a deal done. It's not flashy, but it could be effective. Adding Rich Hill would be a low-risk/low-reward deal; something Nick Krall is probably pondering at this moment.