5 most highly-anticipated Reds prospects in team history

Cincinnati Reds prospects Jay Bruce
Cincinnati Reds prospects Jay Bruce / Robert Laberge/GettyImages
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4. Elly De La Cruz is one of the Reds most anticipated prospects.

It seems as if every day, Reds fans find a way to get Elly De La Cruz's name trending on social media. Yet to make his major league debut, the anticipation is seemingly growing larger with each achievement that De La Cruz adds to his unbelievable run through the minor leagues.

Some days De La Cruz will score from first base on a single. Other days he will throw a ball harder than any infielder in baseball. But most days it seems like the phenom is adding another 115-mph exit velocity missile to his name.

Reds fans are eager to see De La Cruz make his way to the bigs and have been calling for his name basically since spring training. And it's not just the Cincinnati faithful that are waiting to see De La Cruz debut. The national media is chomping at the bit as well.

As a consensus top five prospect in all of baseball, it's hard to match the anticipation that Elly De La Cruz has brought to Reds Country. With the advent of social media and the internet, De La Cruz's name is mentioned more than any other prospect in baseball today.

The anticipation to see Elly De La Cruz in a Cincinnati Reds uniform will soon come to an end, but if the 21-year-old lives up to the hype, the excitement around him will continue for as long as he plays baseball. De La Cruz truly is an electric prospect.