4 former Reds players we'll be glad are gone, and 1 we'll wish stayed

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Aristides Aquino
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Aristides Aquino / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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Reds fans are glad that former OF Aristides Aquino is gone.

The Cincinnati Reds gave Aristides Aquino more than enough chances to prove that he was a major league-caliber player. Unfortunately, the shine that Aquino acquired during August of 2019 did not carry over into the rest of his career.

Aquino delivered a month that few in major league history will ever surpass. In August of 2019, Aquino lived up to his nickname. The Punisher absolutely crushed almost every baseball that he saw, hitting .329/.391/.767 with 14 home runs and 33 RBIs.

But that was the pinnacle of Aquino's career. Aquino quickly rose to stardom, but the outfielder came crashing back down to earth the following year. Replaced in right field by Nick Castellanos, Aquino became a bench bat in 2020 and never again the reached the level that he did in 2019.

Aquino had a cannon, and was a fine right fielder. But with so much swing and miss in his game, the only thing Aquino was punishing last season was the air around home plate. Aquino struck out 101 times in just 80 games played.

The Cincinnati Reds released Aristides Aquino this past offseason. Unable to find another team that would take him on, Aquino signed overseas with the Chunichi Dragons of the Japan Central League.