3 Reds trade rumors to squelch before they gain any traction

Cincinnati Reds third baseman Nick Senzel
Cincinnati Reds third baseman Nick Senzel / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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Well, it's barely June and the Reds trade rumors are already starting to heat up. There hasn't really been anyone within the organization drumming up much of fuss. But a recent publication from The Athletic (subscription required) and some of the Cincinnati faithful are stirring up some trade rumors.

Last season, it was almost criminal to mention the Cincinnati Reds and not identify a couple of potential trade targets. But this year feels a little different, doesn't it?

While it's irresponsible for rebuilding teams like the Reds to not at least listen to potential trade offers, these three rumors should be squelched before they gain any sort of traction.

1. Reds rumors to squelch: Trade Alexis Diaz to the NY Mets.

Okay, it feels like this must be stated once again; the Cincinnati Reds should rebuff any trade talks surrounding Alexis Diaz. This means you, New York Mets!

This idea gained steam at last year's trade deadline when it was revealed by a member of the New York media that the Mets had inquired about Diaz's availability. The team quickly learned the price tag was extremely high and was unwilling to part with assets in order to reunite Edwin Diaz with his younger brother.

Of course, these Reds rumors only gained more traction during the spring after Edwin Diaz was carted off the field in a wheelchair following a celebration by Team Puerto Rico during the World Baseball Classic. You can just imagine the fairytale-type of story the folks in New York would be singing.

Well, it's time to burst the bubble of Mets fans throughout Queens. Alexis Diaz, who has risen to the A-list in the majors when you begin to talk about the best closers in the game, is not on the trade block. Diaz is under team control for the next four seasons, and while relievers can be quite fickle, the right-hander just seems to have something special.