3 possible destinations for Joey Votto if he doesn't return to the Reds in 2024

If Joey Votto doesn't return to the Cincinnati Reds in 2024, where might he end up?
Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto
Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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3. Joey Votto could play for the Dodgers instead of the Reds in 2024

Other than suiting up for an NL Central rival, this might be the nightmare scenario for the Cincinnati faithful. That said, the Los Angeles Dodgers could be a landing spot for Joey Votto in 2024 if the six-time All-Star does not play for the Cincinnati Reds.

Yes, Freddie Freeman is at first base. Much like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. with the Toronto Blue Jays, Votto would never force Freeman off first. But, LA's designated hitter is a free agent this winter and the Dodgers may be wanting to fill the void left by J.D. Martinez.

The Dodgers own the NL West. Many have tried, sorry San Diego Padres fans, and failed. Dave Roberts' ball club is always in the postseason hunt. If Votto is looking for a sure-fire way to get to the MLB Playoffs in 2024, Los Angeles is probably a very good choice.

Much like the Houston Astros, the Los Angeles Dodgers are a well-run organization with plenty of veteran leadership on the team. Roberts utilizes his player's strengths to help the team win. Much like David Bell, rarely will see the same lineup night in and night from Roberts.

Votto would have to accept a part-time role with the Dodgers, but LA likely gives the 40-year-old the best chance to win a World Series Championship before he retires.

There's always the possibility that Joey Votto works out a new contract with the Cincinnati Reds during the offseason, but as is the case with the three teams mentioned, he'd have to take a lesser role. Votto may also decide to hang up his cleats altogether and retire after a 17-year major league career.

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