3 Reds players who won't be on the roster by June 1st

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Stuart Fairchild
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Stuart Fairchild / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages
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3. Jose Barrero won't be on the Reds roster by June 1st.

Matt McLain is coming. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. And likely before June 1st. If that happens, one has to assume that McLain is going to log everyday reps, most likely at shortstop. With that, this could be the end of Jose Barrero's time with the big league club.

The Reds were obviously never fully convinced that Barrero was going to be that guy. If they did, Kevin Newman wouldn't be on the roster. Speaking of which, once McLain arrives, Newman should start no more than once per week at shortstop.

But back to Barrero. The former top prospect has been an utter disaster. Last season, it was the strikeouts. While Barrero has cut down on the number of times he swings a pitch well outside the strike zone, the 24-year-old still has an on-base percentage below .300 and a wRC+ of 59 according to FanGraphs.

To think that Barrero's time with the Reds organization is over is a bit presumptuous. After all, he's still very young and possesses supreme athletic ability. But Barrero hasn't only missed the mark in the batters' box, but on the field as well.

The shortstop may have an above-average arm, but his -3 outs above average (OAA) and -3 defensive runs saved (DRS) speak volumes about his defensive shortcomings. Barrero also has a fielding percentage of .974 this season.

What does the future hold for Jose Barrero? Who knows? His raw skills and athleticism are the stuff that GMs wish for, but Barrero's never really been able to put it all together. The Reds can option Barrero back to the minors, and with the team's depth at shortstop, perhaps it's time to transform him into a full-time outfielder.

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