3 players the Reds should non-tender this offseason, but probably won't

Aristides Aquino, Nick Senzel, Cincinnati Reds
Aristides Aquino, Nick Senzel, Cincinnati Reds / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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As the Cincinnati Reds enter the final stretch of the 2022 season, 100 losses is very much in play. Should Cincinnati drop four of their final six games, they match the dubious distinction set 40 years ago by John McNamara's group.

When a team loses 100 games, or even becomes dangerously close to it, significant changes need to be made. Whether it's to the coaching staff, front office, or the roster itself, losing 100 games amounts to nothing short of a failed season.

With that idea in mind, the Reds have just two players (Joey Votto and Mike Moustakas) under contract for next season. Of course, Cincinnati can tender contract to pre-arbitration eligible players and work out deals with those who are arbitration eligible.

The non-tender deadline usually falls at the end of November or the beginning of December. Let's look at three Reds players that should be non-tendered this season, but probably won't be.

1. Reds infielder Matt Reynolds should be non-tendered, but probably won't be.

Matt Reynolds is a solid, yet unspectacular player who just goes out and does his job. The 31-year-old veteran is one of the more versatile players on the Cincinnati roster, as he's played every position this season with the exception of catcher. On a team filled with so many young players, it's nice to have Reynolds on the squad.

But the Reds have plenty of versatile infielders already on the roster, and most of them are younger than Reynolds. While Reynolds gets the most out of his ability, it would be a shame to see the Oklahoma native taking opportunities from the likes of Spencer Steer, Alejo Lopez, Matt McLain, and even Nick Senzel is the Reds decide to move him back to the infield.

The Cincinnati Reds already have a versatile, experienced infielder who can play multiple positions in Kyle Farmer. With Mike Moustakas' 2023 status up in the air, it just seems as though there won't be enough room for Reynolds on the roster.

That said, the Cincinnati Reds have an affinity for veteran players who can play multiple positions. Don't be surprised if Matt Reynolds survives the non-tender deadline and is line to find a spot on the Reds 2023 Opening Day roster.