3 players the Reds could DFA in order to make room for Spencer Steer

Cincinnati Reds Spencer Steer
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2. Reds could DFA Aristides Aquino in order to make room for Spencer Steer.

This is a tough one because it feels as if the Cincinnati Reds are giving Aristides Aquino one last chance to prove that he can be an asset on a major league team. However, the Reds already DFA'd Aquino earlier this season, so they've proven that he's no essential to their long-term plans.

With Tommy Pham and Tyler Naquin, both of whom were headed into free agency anyway, having been traded at the deadline, the Reds roster is stocked with speedy defenders who can patrol the outfield grass (Nick Senzel, Jake Fraley, and TJ Friedl), but no one who really scares an opposing pitcher with the ability to go deep.

The Reds lack any sort of power-hitting outfielder heading into next season outside of Aquino. The Punisher's problem, however, is that his moonshots are few and far between. No matter how many opportunities he's given, it seems like the breaking ball low and away will be Aquino's Achilles heel for the foreseeable future.

But Aristides Aquino has shown that he's more than just a power bat. Aquino has been Cincinnati's best defensive outfielder this season with the speed and arm to track down balls and gun down runners. While some fans may not like it, Aquino could be the team's starting right fielder next season. But the Reds could also decide to DFA Aquino again and give Spencer Steer a chance to play.