3 hypothetical Reds trade packages for Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow

What would it take for the Reds to pry Tyler Glasnow away from the Rays?
Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Tyler Glasnow (20)
Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Tyler Glasnow (20) / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Reds trade for Tyler Glasnow and Manuel Margot in salary dump

This is the type of trade that would probably get Reds Country excited. Instead of trading for just Tyler Glasnow, perhaps the Cincinanti Reds could help the Tampa Bay Rays offload two of their biggest contracts by including Manuel Margot along for the ride.

Is Margot a difference maker? Hardly. But the veteran outfielder plays above-average defense and would be the perfect compliment to either Jake Fraley or Will Benson as a platoon bat in the outfield.

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According to Spotrac, Margot is in the final year of his contract with the Rays and will be owed $10 million in 2024 before entering free agency next offseason. The contract includes a $12-million mutual-option for 2025 with a $2-million buyout.

But, by taking on what could be considered a "bad contract", Cincinnati could lessen the return they send back to Tampa Bay. Rather than including one of their top-flight young starters like Connor Phillips or Brandon Williamson in a potential trade, perhaps Lyon Richardson would be enough to sway the Rays.

Cincinnati could throw in outfield prospect Jay Allen II for good measure in order to pull off this trade. Tampa Bay would recieve two young, controllable assets with plenty of upside while Cincinnati gets their frontline starter and a right-handed hitting outfielder. That's what we call a win-win.