3 changes that need to be made just 10 games into the Reds 2023 season

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Wil Myers
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Wil Myers / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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The Cincinnati Reds are 4-6 after their first 10 games of the 2023 season. Seeing as how it took the team until May 7, 2022 before they notched their fourth win a year ago, I'd call that an improvement.

If you're being honest with yourself, you'd probably have to admit that the Reds are better than you thought they were going to be. Were it not for some bullpen implosions through the first week-plus of the 2023 season, the ole Redlegs could easily have a winning record.

This year's Cincinnati Reds team has some fire in its belly, and while it's hard to see the team playing winning baseball this season, David Bell's squad certainly has potential. But just 10 games into the 2023 season, there are already some changes that need to be made.

1. The Reds need to move Luis Cessa back to the bullpen.

This just needs to happen. I can understand giving Luis Cessa a chance to start, I really can. But moving the right-hander back to the bullpen is the right call. Doing so would solve a myriad of problems.

First, the bullpen is just not good. Kevin Herget? Derek Law? Ian Gibaut? Buck Farmer? Cessa is a better option than all three of these pitchers. Seeing as how he's already stretched out, Cessa could give the Reds multiple innings of relief.

It would also open up a rotation spot. In the immediate future, one would assume that Luke Weaver would take Cessa's spot in the rotation. But with Levi Stoudt, Brandon Williamson, and Andrew Abbott making their way up through the minor leagues, the Reds will need that spot at some point very soon anyway.

Luis Cessa left the World Baseball Classic in order to compete for a spot in the starting rotation. That's admirable. He also got lit up like a Christmas tree his second time through the Atlanta Braves batting order on Tuesday night. It's time to move Luis Cessa back to the bullpen.