3 bold moves the Reds could make before May 1

Cincinnati Reds bench coach Freddie Benavides (45) and manager David Bell.
Cincinnati Reds bench coach Freddie Benavides (45) and manager David Bell. / Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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Before everyone throughout Reds Country wants to act like the sky is falling, let's all take a deep breath. Yes, the Cincinnati Reds have not looked good at all through a little less than a month into the 2023, but what did you really expect?

Yes, the Reds got off to a surprisingly good start, only to be brought back to earth rather quickly. The team has lost six straight, including four at the hands of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The reality, however, is that this is Year 2 of the Reds rebuild.

However, there are some gutsy moves Cincinnati could make that may inject some life into the squad. What bold moves might be on the docket prior to May 1st?

1. Bold move the Reds could make before May 1: Release catcher Luke Maile.

The Cincinnati Reds went into the 2023 season with the idea of carrying three catchers. Anyone throughout Reds Country who's been paying attention understands why - Tyler Stephenson endured three injuries last season that permitted him to play just 50 games.

But if the Reds are going to carry three catchers, then Stephenson should be DH'ing more than catching, right? To date, Stephenson has logged 10 games behind the plate, started at first base just twice, and been the Reds designated hitter on eight occasions.

If Cincinnati's plan is to continue at his pace, allowing the former first-round pick to catch about half the time, then why not just release Luke Maile and roll with the catching tandem of Stephenson and Curt Casali? The Reds seemed to do just fine with the the duo of Casali and Barnhart in 2020.

Now, I know the argument that going to come up. What if Casali gets hurt and Stephenson, who's the DH, has to fill in. Then the Reds will lose their designated hitter for one game. I don't think that's the end of the world. Heck, we already saw David Bell willing do that last week.

Chuckie Robinson has been playing extremely well at Triple-A Louisville, and if one of the two Reds catchers gets dinged up and misses some time on the IL, Cincinnati has a capable backup. I know nobody wants the mess we saw behind the plate last season, but if Stephenson is doing the catching for about 50% of the time, then carrying three backstops isn't very productive.