3 blocked Reds prospects Cincinnati should consider trading

Cincinnati Reds minor league infielder Jose Torres
Cincinnati Reds minor league infielder Jose Torres / Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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3. Reds prospect Carlos Jorge is blocked and could be traded.

Now, this could be a name to monitor as the season progresses, and there's absolutely no reason for the Cincinnati Reds to be swayed into traded Carlos Jorge. That is, of course, unless the front office is able to flip him for a coveted outfield or pitching prospect.

Let's face it, the Reds have too many infield prospects and not enough outfield prospects. Rece Hinds, Austin Hendrick, and Jay Allen II represent the team's best outfield prospects currently in the farm system and all three are incredibly flawed at this point in their careers.

Hinds looks to be a clone of former Reds outfielder Aristides Aquino. When Hinds makes contact, the ball travels far. But Hinds is a strikeout machine with nearly 60 in just over 30 games. Allen II has tremedous speed, but making contact is a problem. Hendrick is actually playing well this season, and has given the Reds front office hope.

But Jorge is all but locked into a role at second base. The 19-year-old just doesn't have the arm strength to play any other position, though he has seen time at third base and shortstop. But, as was alluded to earlier, the list of players in line to play those positions in the big leagues is long.

With Carlos Jorge being so young, it seems unlikely the team would consider moving on from him so quickly. It would have to be the right deal. But if trading Jorge is off the table, then a position change become a virtual necessity.

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