3 agonizing free agent destinations Joey Votto could choose that would haunt Reds fans

The Cincinnati Reds declined Joey Votto's club-option making him a free agent
Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto
Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages
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Joey Votto is no longer part of the Cincinnati Reds organization. After a 17-year career in the Queen City, Votto bid farewell to the only organization he'd ever known after the Reds declined his club-option for 2024.

Votto is now a free agent and is free to sign with any team he'd like. While not many clubs are assumed to be in the market for a 40-year-old player who has barely hit above the Mendoza line the past two seasons, Votto does has some value.

There's still a chance that Votto could re-sign with the Reds, but president of baseball operations doesn't see a path toward a reunion at this point. If Votto were to sign elsewhere, these three free agent destinations would absolutely crush the hearts of the Reds fanbase.

1. Reds fans would be devastated if Joey Votto signed with the Dodgers

The Cincinnati Reds have a longstanding rivalry with the Los Angeles Dodgers from their time in the National League West. From 1969-1993, the Reds and Dodgers were bitter rivals.

The Reds and Dodgers locked horns on more than one occasion during the 1970s as both teams battled for National League supremacy. That rivalry carried over the 1980s, but once the NL Central was formed in 1994, the rivalry lost much of its meaning.

However, for the older generation of Reds fans, that hostility toward the Dodger blue still exits. While the San Francisco Giants have always been the Los Angeles Dodgers natural rival, there was a period in baseball history when Cincinnati's feud with LA eclipsed that of the team by the bay.

But would Joey Votto turn in the rather quiet comforts of Cincinnati for the bright lights of Hollywood? Furthermore, would the Dodgers even be interested in the future Hall of Famer?

Quite frankly, this seems like a good fit. After revitalizing the career of Jason Heyward last season, Los Angeles could be the perfect destination for Votto to land this offseason.

Joey Votto is not going to displace Freddie Freeman at first base, but with J.D. Martinez entering free agency, that DH spot in the Dodgers lineup is up for grabs at the moment. Of course, LA is likely to pursue Shohei Ohtani to fill that spot this offseason.