What are the Reds 2024 MLB Draft lottery odds?

Having a winning record diminishes the Reds' chances of securing the first-overall pick in the 2024 MLB Draft.
2024 MLB Draft
2024 MLB Draft / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

More times than not, Cincinnati Reds fans are used to seeing their favorite team drafting in the Top 10, or even the Top 5. But that's unlikely to be the case in 2024.

Major League Baseball now uses a draft lottery to determine where teams will make their selection in the draft. The concept was supposed to keep major league ball clubs from "tanking" in order to finish with a losing record, and thus secure a high draft pick.

That strategy has been tested during the first seasons of its implementation, but this year's MLB Draft lottery could have franchises changing their tune rather quickly.

What are the Reds 2024 MLB Draft lottery odds?

The Cincinnati Reds have a 0.9-percent chance to secure the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 MLB Draft.

The MLB Draft lottery will take place during the Winter Meetings, which will be held in Nashville, Tennessee during the first week of December.

Last year, the Pittsburgh Pirates were the big winners. With the third-best odds to land the No. 1 overall pick, the Buccos were able to leapfrog the Washington Nationals and Oakland Athletics.

The A's fell all the way back to No. 6, and the Cincinnati Reds, who had the fourth-best odds in the lottery, ended up picking seventh. Maybe this year, the Reds will move up, rather than down.

According to MLB.com, the Reds have a 0.9-percent chance to land in the lottery. The Minnesota Twins had the exact same odds last year and jumped, from what would have been No. 13 based on their win-loss record, all the way to No. 5.

The Twins were able to snag talented high school outfielder Walker Jenkins with that pick, and really helped to elevate their farm system. If the 2024 MLB Draft were based strictly on win-loss record, just like Minnesota last year, Cincinnati would be picking 13th.