2 Reds trade deadline successes & 1 failure

With the MLB trade deadline in the rearview mirror, how did the Cincinnati Reds make out?

Oakland Athletics relief pitcher Sam Moll
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Reds trade deadline success: Farm system remains in intact.

The one thing that seemed to scare Reds fans to death was the possibility of losing one of the team's top prospects in exchange for a rental. After seeing some of the trade deadline deals, you can understand the panic.

But Cincinnati Reds General Manager Nick Krall stuck to his guns and the team looks as if it will continue to build through the draft while also developing talent from within. It's kind of hard to argue based on what fans have seen so far in 2023.

This year alone, Cincinnati has seen rookies like Spencer Steer, Andrew Abbott, Elly De La Cruz, and Matt McLain look like fixtures on the roster for years to come. There's also Christian Encarnacion-Strand, Brandon Williamson, and Casey Legumina; all of whom will look to be significant contributors for the next several years.

A major acquisition at this year's trade deadline likely would have cost the Reds one of their top young prospects. Names like Cam Collier, Connor Phillips, and Chase Petty were tossed about as potential trade chips in the days leading up to Tuesday's deadline.

In the end, Krall didn't see a deal that he felt comfortable making, so the team decided to stand pat. With Hunter Greene and Nick Lodolo readying to return, the Reds' brass are hopeful the lack of activity at the deadline will pay off.