2 Reds rookies have vastly different approaches that yield eerily similar results

Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Connor Overton (71) pitches.
Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Connor Overton (71) pitches. / Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

You've heard the phrase, there's more than one way to skin a cat, right? Well apparently, there's more than one way to have success as a rookie pitcher in Major League Baseball.

Connor Overton and Alexis Díaz couldn't be more different in their approach to pitching, but somehow the two rookies are both experiencing great success. The numbers are quite striking; no pun intended.

Reds pitchers Connor Overton and Alexis Díaz get results in vastly different ways.

Overton joined the Cincinnati Reds rotation this season after injuries and early-season struggles forced David Bell's hand. Luis Castillo and Mike Minor began the 2022 season on the IL and Reiver Sanmartin, along with Vladimir Gutierrez, really struggled to get going.

Sanmartin has since been sent back to the minor leagues, and it's anyone's best guess as to when the southpaw will return and in what capacity. As for Gutierrez, he'll try his hand coming out of the Reds bullpen after Bell demoted the second-year pitcher to a reliever.

Díaz earned his way onto the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day roster after a solid showing in spring training. The right-hander has a lively fastball, and after appearing in very low-leverage situations earlier this season, Díaz seems to be gaining Bell's trust and has been tested more of late.

A basic overview of Connor Overton stats will show you that the former Pittsburgh Pirates hurler has a 1.59 ERA over 17.0 innings this season. Overton was the first Reds pitcher to have a quality start in 2022. In his three starts, Overton has just eight strikeouts on the season, but has allow just three runs to cross the plate.

Alexis Díaz goes about his business in a very different way. The brother of New York Mets closer Edwin Díaz, the right-hander has 18 punch outs in 16.1 innings of work and a sparking 0.55 ERA. Even more impressive is Díaz's 845 ERA+.

The difference in advanced metrics between these Reds rookies is staggering.

But when you look at how both rookies have had success, it's very interesting. Connor Overton uses a mix of six pitches, none of which you could refer to as elite. Heck, above-average might be the kindest way you could describe his best offering.

According to Baseball Savant, Overton is in the 20th percentile or lower in a myriad of meaningful categories. Overton's hard hit percentage, expected batting average (xBA), whiff-rate, and fastball velocity are all among the worst in baseball.

Flip over to Alexis Díaz's page and you'll see that the right-hander ranks among the best in baseball in hard hit percentage, expected batting average (xBA), whiff-rate, and fastball spin.

I've heard of another common expression; if it ain't broke, don't fix it. While both Connor Overton and Alexis Díaz are getting results in completely different ways, there's no need to shake things up. The Cincinnati Reds have to be very pleased with what they've seen from both rookies thus far.

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