2 reasons why the Reds should trade for Tyler Glasnow and 2 reasons why they shouldn't

The Tampa Bay Rays are said to be shopping Tyler Glasnow.
Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow
Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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Trading for Tyler Glasnow might cost the Reds a top prospect

It's well known what Tyler Glasnow will cost in terms of salary. But what could cost the Cincinnati Reds in terms of prospect capital? For a team like Cincinnati, is it worth getting a player like Glasnow if it requires a top prospect in return?

One would have to assume that the Reds would be unwilling to move a number of their top prospects for just one year of Glasnow. Cincinnati could extend a Qualifying Offer to Glasnow next offseason which would at least guarantee an extra draft pick if the right-hander left in free agency.

Looking at the team's top prospects, MLB Pipeline lists players like Cam Collier, Edwin Arroyo, Chase Petty, and Sal Stewart among the best in the Reds farm system. Would Cincinnati be willing to part with at least one of the players in order to grab Glasnow?

The Reds have made no bones about it; Cincinnati plans to build their team from the inside out. Having a stable group of young players, especially those who have yet to be added to the 40-man roster, should help the organization play winning baseball by continually injecting young talent into the roster.

That said, the Cincinnati Reds have a plethora of young infielders in the pipeline. So if landing Tyler Glasnow cost the Reds a player like Sammy Stafura or Ricardo Cabrera, the frachise should be able to weather that loss.

Reds fans have a tendency to cling to prospects, and after seeing the debuts of Matt McLain and Elly De La Cruz in 2023, it's understandable. But, if the team wants to add a frontline starter like Glasnow, it's going to come at the cost of losing some good, young talent.