2 Reds players who won't lose their roster spot to Christian Encarnacion-Strand & 1 who should

Christian Encarnacion-Strand is set to make his major league debut on Monday.

Cincinnati Reds infielder Christian Encarnacion-Strand
Cincinnati Reds infielder Christian Encarnacion-Strand / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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Reds utility player Nick Senzel won't lose his roster spot to Christian Encarnacion-Strand.

Nick Senzel's name has been tossed about on social media as the player who'll be sent packing in order to accommodate Christian Encarnacion-Strand's major league debut. While it's possible, removing Senzel from the active roster doesn't necessarily help get Encarnacion-Strand's bat into the lineup.

Of late, Senzel has exclusively seen time in the outfield. After getting some reps at both second and third base earlier this season, once Matt McLain and Elly De La Cruz joined the party, the majority of Senzel's playing time has come in the outfield.

Not only that, but Nick Senzel has become little more than a bench-bat who only gets his hacks if a left-handed pitcher is on the bump. Senzel was out of the Cincinnati Reds starting lineup for the past three games and only got into Sunday's contest once the Milwaukee Brewers called upon a southpaw reliever.

Senzel has been a weapon for the Reds against left-handed pitching this season, and his defensive versatility makes it easy for David Bell to simply swap the former first-round pick for either Will Benson or Jake Fraley when an opposing teams brings in a left-handed pitcher.

Now, Senzel has minor league options remaining, so the possibility exists for the Reds to send the 27-year-old down to Triple-A in order to keep him in the organization. But that would seem to weaken the team's offensive production against lefties. Look for Senzel to remain part of the active roster.