1 Yankees player the Reds should target at the MLB trade deadline and 2 they should avoid

The Yankees are said to be attempting to get under the top-tier of the luxury tax.

New York Yankees pitcher Wandy Peralta
New York Yankees pitcher Wandy Peralta / Al Bello/GettyImages
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The Reds should avoid Yankees starter Luis Serverino.

There has been a lot of talk about the Cincinnati Reds adding a starter at the MLB trade deadline. And it's certainly warranted after seeing the rotation's lack of production without Nick Lodolo and Hunter Greene present. Both starters are expected to return sometime in August.

But Luis Severino is not the answer. In fact, Cincinnati needs to stay as far away from the New York Yankees right-hander as possible. Severino is in the final year of his contract and his production has taken a tremendous downturn this season.

Severino is 1-4 in 10 starts and owns an unfortunate 6.66 ERA and an equally unimpressive 6.33 FIP according to FanGraphs. Worst of all is Severino's career-worst 2.22 HR/9. Severino's strikeout-rate (17.2-percent) is also at an all-time low.

This may hurt the feelings of the New York Yankees faithful, but Luke Weaver is performing better than Luis Severino this season. Don't believe me? According to FanGraphs, Weaver has a higher strikeout-rate (18.4-percent), a lower FIP (5.89), and a much lower walk-rate (6.9-percent).

So while Reds Country may want to see Nick Krall and Cincinnati's front office make some deals at this year's trade deadline, there's no need to help the Yankees get below the top-tier of the luxury tax threshold. Now, if such a deal brings Wandy Peralta to Cincinnati without sacrificing too much, then perhaps Krall and Brian Cashman should talk.

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