1 starter that the Reds should not target at the MLB trade deadline

With the 2023 MLB trade deadline quickly approaching, Blake Snell one starter the Reds should avoid.

San Diego Padres starter Blake Snell
San Diego Padres starter Blake Snell / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

With the 2023 MLB trade deadline less than two weeks away, the Cincinnati Reds are rumored to be looking to bolster their starting rotation.

While there are many fine choices out there, one starter the Reds should absolutely avoid at the deadline is San Diego Padres southpaw Blake Snell.

This season, Snell sits at 6-7 with an ERA of 2.71. He has whiffed 139 batters, continuing to show why is one of the better strikeout pitchers in the game. While his stats may look good, Snell is not a good fit for the Reds.

The Reds should avoid Blake Snell at the MLB trade deadline.

In March of 2019, Blake Snell signed a five-year extension worth $50 million with the Tampa Bay Rays. Fast forward to 2023, and Snell has one year left on that deal. With the Cincinnati Reds likely to be more concerned about retaining their homegrown talent, Snell would be little more than a two-month rental.

The San Diego Padres know what they have in Snell. The lefty is arguably the best starting pitcher on the trade block this season. The Reds would have to overpay to acquire such a pitcher.

With the left-hander hitting the free agent market after the season, the price tag won't be in the same ballpark as what Cincinnati received for Luis Castillo last summer. But there may be some examples from last year's trade deadline that give the Padres some insight as to what they may be able to secure in return for Snell.

San Diego may be seeking a similar return to what the Los Angeles Angels received for Noah Syndergaard last August, or perhaps what the St. Louis Cardinals gave up in order to secure Jose Quintana. Either way, it'll cost the Reds a top prospect or two, and maybe more than that.

That's a lot to give up for a rental pitcher in what many fans assumed would be a rebuilding year. It would be best for the Cincinnati Reds to avoid a trade for the Blake Snell altogether.

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