1 Reds free agent target who received a Qualifying Offer and 2 who didn't

At least one free agent the Reds may be looking to sign has a Qualifying Offer attached to his signing.

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Reds free agent target Jorge Soler did not receive a Qualifying Offer

For all those Reds fans who are eager to see Cincinnati chase a right-handed power-bat this offseason, look no further than Jorge Soler. The former World Series MVP will be available in free agency, and the Miami Marlins chose not to extend Soler a Qualifying Offer.

Will that end up being a mistake on the part of the new Marlins' front office leadership? Potentially. Extending a QO to Soler would have guaranteed that the slugger could have netted $20.3-million in 2024.

After opting out of the final year of his contract in South Beach, Soler obviously feels that he did enough in 2023 to chase a contract worth more than the $13-million player-option he declined this past week. In a free agent class void of many power-hitters, Soler may be well compensated for his services.

Soler hit .250/.341/.512 with 36 home runs and 75 RBI. For his career, the 31-year-old owns 170 round-trippers and 452 runs batted in. Soler led the AL in homers back in 2019 with 48 big flies.

But, as is the case with most power-hitters, Jorge Soler strikes out a lot as well. This past season, Soler went down on strikes nearly 25-percent of the time. Soler, however, was merciless against left-handed pitching, slashing .277/.393/.688 against southpaws.

Soler is a bit limited when it comes to his defense. Last season, Soler played just over 30 games in the outfield while drawing the majority of his starts as the Miami Marlins designated hitter.