Ranking the Reds in-house replacements for Jesse Winker in left field

Cincinnati Reds right fielder Aristides Aquino (44) flexes.
Cincinnati Reds right fielder Aristides Aquino (44) flexes. / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Cincinnati Reds left fielder Max Schrock (32) enters the field.
Cincinnati Reds left fielder Max Schrock (32) enters the field. / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

4. Reds outfielder Max Schrock could replace Jesse Winker in LF.

Max Schrock appeared in 53 games for the Cincinnati Reds in 2021, and believe it or not, saw more time in left field than anywhere else on the diamond. Schrock was a regular in the Reds lineup down the stretch when Jesse Winker was sidelined with an intercostal injury.

An infielder by trade, Schrock gives Reds manager David Bell a sold, yet unspectacular, bat in the lineup. Schrock is going to give you quality at-bats every time he steps into the box. He is, as Reds play-by-play announcer John Sadek says, a "professional hitter".

Schrock appeared uncomfortable at times while lining up in the outfield, but one would think that the 27-year-old is wise enough to know that his best chance of making this team is by being as versatile as possible. To that end, I have to assume that Schrock got plenty of work in during the offseason turning himself into a solid defensive outfielder.

Now to the downside. While Schrock possesses very good bat-to-ball skills, a power-hitter he is not. But, while you're not going to see towering blasts off the bat off Schrock, he did post a .448 slugger percentage last season.

With Max Schrock, you're going to get hitter who takes every at-bat seriously and is not looking to "do damage" every time he steps to the plate. Schrock will lay down a bunt, advance the runner, hit a sacrifice fly, and do all the little things it takes to win. But he's not flashy. If the Reds are looking for an everyday left fielder, it's not Schrock. But I definitely expect him to compete for playing time.