Latest prediction surrounding Albert Pujols will make Reds fans want to vomit

Los Angeles Dodgers pinch hitter Albert Pujols (55) lines out versus the Cincinnati Reds.
Los Angeles Dodgers pinch hitter Albert Pujols (55) lines out versus the Cincinnati Reds. / David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

During his tenure with the St. Louis Cardinals, Albert Pujols was a consistent thorn in the side of the Cincinnati Reds. Perhaps Reds Country should brace for more pain in 2022.

With the Los Angeles Dodgers season now over, Pujols will become a free agent shortly after the World Series ends. MLB insider Jon Heyman predicts Pujols will return to the Cardinals this offseason.

Would former Reds killer, Albert Pujols, return to the Cardinals?

The S. Louis Cardinals were in the mix to sign Albert Pujols this past season after his departure from the Los Angeles Angels. But instead, Pujols signed with the Dodgers.

I firmly believe that if Pujols intends to play in 2022, the Cardinals will certainly be in the mix. It would be that fairytale ending that all Cardinals fans would love and all Reds fans would despise.

Can you imagine Pujols, Adam Wainwright, and Yaider Molina reunited in St. Louis for one last run at a World Championship? Gag me!

For those who think these rumors are ridiculous and it wouldn't make any sense for a Cardinals team that has Paul Goldschmidt occupying first base, think again.

Don't forget that the National League is very likely to adopt the designated in 2022. Pujols would be the perfect DH for the Cardinals next season as his splits versus left-handed pitching were pretty good.

Pujols hit .294/.336/.603 with 13 homers in 136 at-bats versus southpaws in 2021. Pujols could be platooned with a left-handed bat as St. Louis' DH and give Goldschmidt the occasional break at first base as well.

I know, Reds Country. This is a nightmare scenario for the Cincinnati faithful, but one that could very easily come to fruition over the winter.

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Let's just take solace in the fact that if this wicked prediction comes true, 2022 will be the final season that the Cincinnati Reds will have to see the trio of Albert Pujols. Adam Wainwright, and Yadier Molina ever again.